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The Top 25 Uses Of Caller ID Spoofing

There are literally thousands of uses for Spoof Card and Caller ID Spoofing in general, but we've compiled a list of the what we think are the top 25 uses of Caller ID Spoofing. The list is in no particular order.

1: Prank calls to friends and family
2: Showing your office number when your out and really on your cell phone
3: Getting someone to answer when they usually ignore your number on the Caller ID
5: Caller ID authentication pen testing
6: Avoiding your phone number from showing up on someones telephone bill
7: Using free voicemail numbers as your callback number by spoofing (free voicemail services are provided by companies like k7.net)
8: Making truly anonymous calls! Avoiding even sending your CPN to the called party
9: Defeating the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on peoples phone lines
10: Defeating *69 callbacks
11: Calling your own office and pretending to be an outside customer so you can see how your call is really handled
12: Show funny numbers on your friends Caller ID display
13: Use spoofing to see the name associated with a phone number in the telephone company's computers
14: Pretexting
15: Using the Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards and Napoleon Dynamite soundboards at Ebaumsworld
16: Harassing Lindsey Lohan (if your name is Paris Hilton!)
17: Using free trial chat lines all you want by calling from different numbers
18: Participating in surveys more than once
19: Testing what happens when you ANI fail to certain numbers!
20: Stopping toll free numbers from seeing your telephone number
21: Calling someone you only want to talk to once with the "Reject Line" telephone number
22: Getting bobile to mobile billing rates by using another mobile number as the Caller ID
23: Activating your credit card from another phone number
24: Finding cheating girlfriends or boyfriends
25: Twitter and Jott spoofing

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